Info and features on Duke Nukem Forever


May 5, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever is a mere five weeks away – to celebrate his imminent return, today we've released premium avatar items and a theme for the 360 as well as a free gamerpic pack. You can also download a free PS3 theme featuring Duke's arsenal and three wallpapers or deck out your Windows 7 desktop with DNF icons and backgrounds.

Xbox 360 Theme

Themes 1

Step inside Duke Burger, chock full of babes and Pigcops. The Official Duke Nukem Forever Theme is 240 MS Points. Click here to head on over to the Marketplace

Xbox 360 Avatar Items

Themes 2

Whatever Duke style you like best, there's an avatar item for you. Ranging from 80 MS Points to 240 MS Points, you can dress up in Duke's iconic outfit (or just rock his hairstyle), wear a Pigcop mask, or carry your very own pair of Balls of Steel. All the items are shown above - and you can try them all on your own avatar at a console near you, or click here to check them out on the Marketplace

Xbox 360 Gamerpics

Themes 3

As a thank you to all our fans for their support, we're releasing a free gamerpic pack with five characters from DNF. Click here to head on over to the Marketplace

Playstation 3 Theme

Themes 4

Download the .zip below and install the Official Duke Nukem Forever PS3 Theme – featuring Duke’s weapons and three high res screenshots from the game. Click here to download the PS3 Theme.

To install your theme, save the P3T file to a USB drive in a folder named “THEME” inside a folder named “PS3” (caps necessary!) Put the USB drive into your PS3, navigate through settings to change your theme as usual, and the official DNF theme will be available for you to install.

Windows 7 Theme

Themes 5

Want even more Duke no matter what screen you are looking at? We’ve made the Windows 7 icons a little bit more… Duke-approved. Download this Themepack and install now.